Owen Rubel

Original team member of Amazon from 95-98, rewrote the API pattern for distributed architectures, creator of API Chaining(R) and Shared IO State/API abstraction. Respected leader in API development speaking at API World, API Days, Spring One, Univ of Berkeley, Univ of Washington and others.

Areas of Expertise

api, distributed architecture, microservices

Recent Posts

The NEW API Pattern

Distributed Architectures are a lot like neural networks; all services that talk to each other need to share the I/O in and in a way that they can synchronize that information on the fly. The way the brain does is that each neuron that communicates with another has the other neuron fire back a neurotransmitter to synchronize and improve that communication in the future thus creating a pattern.

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Kill your API: the burger analogy

Kill your API: the burger analogy

The other day I had a chat with the folks working on the OpenAPI initiative and I explained a trick that some of us in enterprises use to get greater speeds and scalability out of our API’s. At first, this may seem like complete sacrilege to those who are a stickler for standards but if you allow me to explain using a simple analogy, you may see how this can be useful…

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