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Born in Canada, raised in the UK. Joined Cygnus in the US, which then became part of Red Hat. Now back in the UK, working remotely and enjoying every minute of it.

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October/November 2015 GNU Toolchain Update

October/November 2015 GNU Toolchain Update

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to a new blog about changes and new features in the GNU toolchain (compiler, assembler, linker and debugger).  My intention is to post monthly updates highlighting what is new in these tools so that developers can keep abreast of the developing technologies.  This first post covers changes made to the development versions tools in October and November of this year.  Earlier posts in this series can be found in my live journal blog here, but future posts will continue on this site.

Note – these features have not yet made it into released products like Fedora or RHEL, so if you want to play with them now, you will have to download the sources from the FSF and build your own toolchain.

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