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Marko is a Senior Consultant at Red Hat and has been a consultant, software engineer, and system administrator for 20 years with startups and enterprises. Marko helps customers to build and run mission-critical solutions to make the most of their collaboration with Red Hat.

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Diagnosing Java applications on the fly with Byteman

Diagnosing Java applications on the fly with Byteman

Production being affected by software issues is always an unwanted scenario. Diagnosing production issues, however, should never be an unplanned activity. Structured testing and QA efforts would ideally prevent any software bugs from entering production. So the dilemma is how to prepare for something unexpected in production that was not considered during the earlier testing and QA phases.

This article discusses Byteman, a tool that leverages the Java Instrumentation API to inject Java code into methods without the need to recompile, repackage, or even redeploy the application.

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