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Eclipse MicroProfile for Spring Boot developers

Eclipse MicroProfile for Spring Boot developers

By now you have probably heard of Eclipse MicroProfile (MP). It is a community-driven initiative to define specifications for enterprise Java microservices. MicroProfile is only two years old, yet it has delivered eight innovative specifications and is evolving fast. It provides metrics, API documentation, health checks, fault tolerance, distributed tracing, and more. With it, you can take full advantage of cutting-edge cloud-native technologies and do it in a vendor-neutral fashion!

For developers familiar with Spring Boot, we have prepared this article, which compares the basics of developing applications with Spring Boot and with MicroProfile. We wrote two applications, one with each solution. In this article, we will go through the differences between them. You can find the source code for both projects on GitHub.

For the MicroProfile application, we use Thorntail (formerly know as Wildfly Swarm), but except for the setting up part, Open Liberty, Payara, TomEE, or any other implementation would look exactly the same.

Throughout this article, we assume you know Spring Boot and we focus on what is different in MicroProfile.

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