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Celebrating 10 years of application development solutions at Red Hat

Red Hat is well known for pioneering the adoption of open source technologies in the enterprise. As the world’s first open source software company to earn more than two billion dollars in revenue, we have long enjoyed a position of leadership in an area that is now considered to be the de facto standard for innovation in IT.

In his book, The Open Organization, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst attributes part of Red Hat’s success to the passion of its people. And it’s true. It was the passionate belief of Red Hat’s earliest employees that Linux was not only an alternative to the dominant operating systems in the mid-to-late 90s, but that it could become a viable contender in the enterprise by harnessing the power of passion, openness, and collaboration that are hallmarks of open source. Today, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the world’s leading open source enterprise operating system platform, powering the majority of Fortune 500 industries.

But, 10 years ago, even before we became a leader in operating systems, we recognized that to maintain this momentum, and to truly become a strategic vendor for our customers, we needed to expand our focus. Building off of our leadership in enterprise infrastructure and operating systems, we set our sights on the application development market and acquired JBoss, the company behind the leading open source Java application platform at that time.

It was no longer good enough to win in operating systems. To be truly strategic, and reach the CIO, we needed to win the hearts and minds of software developers as well. Thus began our expansion and our journey into application development solutions.

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