Kapil Shukla

Kapil currently works as an Enterprise Architect (Red Hat) for major enterprises in Singapore. He worked as a software developer, product manager in earlier phase of his career. Kapil graduated from IIT Bombay, India in Computer Science and then pursued his MBA from NUS Business School, Singapore.

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Five layers of security for Red Hat Data Grid on OpenShift

Five layers of security for Red Hat Data Grid on OpenShift

Red Hat Data Grid is an in-memory, distributed, NoSQL datastore solution. With it, your applications can access, process, and analyze data at in-memory speed to deliver a superior user experience. In-memory Data Grid has a variety of use cases in today’s environment, such as fast data access for low-latency apps, storing objects (NoSQL) in a datastore, achieving linear scalability with data distribution/partitioning, and data high-availability across geographies, among many others. With containers getting more attention, the need to have Data Grid running on a container platform like OpenShift is clear, and we are seeing more and more customers aligning their architecture with a datastore running natively on a container platform.

In this article, I will talk about multiple layers of security available while deploying Data Grid on OpenShift. The layers of security offer a combination of security measures provided by Data Grid as well as by OpenShift/Kubernetes.

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