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Agile Software Development – The Red Hat Way

Agile Software Development – The Red Hat Way

During Red Hat Summit, I was part of what we called Birds of a Feather session; this is the type of session where you place a bunch of people in a room to talk about a topic with no agenda or solidified content. The topic for the session was “Agile Software Development – the Red Hat Way.” The panel consisted of engineers, product managers, customer support reps and program managers who work on our product line using the agile methodology. The focus was to have an open conversation about how we work at Red Hat.

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Rachel Laycock joins DevNation 2016 as a general session speaker

Rachel Laycock joins DevNation 2016 as a general session speaker

We are pleased to announce that Rachel Laycock, Head of Technology for North America at ThoughtWorks, will be joining us at DevNation 2016 as a general session speaker.  With her background in Agile, Continuous Delivery, and strategy, Rachel is uniquely qualified to explain why CD is more than simply using new tools. This is certainly a relevant topic for everyone – should be fun!

Welcome, Rachel!

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A peek behind the scenes of

At DevNation 2015, Jason Hibbets  shared a behind the scenes look at, the talent behind it, their content strategy, and the results of the overall success of the site.

Why I liked it?

It was great to hear more about the inner workings of the team. Most importantly, I found it very informative with specific info on how to get involved in the community that participates in the site. Read more about it– they are looking for writers!

Best Quote

“I think the future of content development is building your community. We just do it somewhat a little different because we involve our community in our content.” –Jason Hibbets

Compelling idea to use with your teams

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Red Hat Summit & DevNation Conference Report: Day One

Cheers from Red Hat Summit and DevNation! I enjoyed sharing my experiences last year, and eagerly volunteered for the opportunity to do so again this year. I arrived in Boston yesterday at around lunch time, and didn’t have an opportunity to attend many sessions yesterday. Today was somewhat similar, except– I caught one DevNation Session, the Middleware KeyNote and Summit General Session.

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DevOps Enterprise Conference — Day One

Traveling to San Francisco for the DevOps Enterprise conference has been a transformational event for me. Even though I had been aware of the success stories of companies like Target, Disney, Raytheon, it was quite a different matter to experience their stories in person.

The most critical lesson from day one for me was to focus on the community to help you remain positive, motivated, educated and most importantly accelerate the adoption of the DevOps movement in your organization. Critical: find the people who are like-minded and align with them.

The message was supported throughout the various talks we listened to. In the spirit of building community, I have included the “I need help with” sections for each speaker as applicable below. If you have ideas on how to help them with their DevOps transformation, tweet to them!

TL;DR version for non-conference attendees, here are the talks that resonated the most with me:

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How Team Inception CI/CDs

How Team Inception CI/CDs

Our infrastructure and how we continuously integrate and deliver (CI/CD) our code changes with each piece of work we finish. We fully expect that it will change even more as we bring up A|B functionality & enhance our testing process. However, we thought it would be fun to give a closer look into the team’s pipeline from checking out code to integration testing.

CI/CD Team Inception

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Building a Continuous Deployment Engine

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that we (the Red Hat Inception Team) are building “a thing.”  Given our own internal interest in the topic, you may be wondering why we chose a custom Release Engine over pre-baked tooling. There are many different reasons why we went in this direction; I’m going to cover four.

Why #1: There are many existing FOSS tools to automate portions of a release process, but there seems to be a tooling gap in tying them easily together.

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Accidental DevOps day at DevNation and Red Hat Summit

There is only one day left for Red Hat Summit and DevNation, and my brain is about at capacity for what it will be able to remember! I had a most excellent day yesterday (Wednesday) and I am so proud of my teammates. They rocked their presentations!

The amusing and frustrating part about the day was that I had 2-3 presentations picked out for each time slot, and it was very hard to make a decision on where to go. Is “eeny, meeny, miny, mo” an appropriate way to select talks? I also did not intend to get three talks into a day that all had something to do with DevOps!

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Tech Fun Day at DevNation – a review of Tuesday

WARNING: Shameless plug! If you do nothing else today, you should go to these two Red Hat Summit tracks. Not only are the guys speaking the smartest dudes in the room, closet super heroes and have all held world records for Olympic speed walking, they work in the same department as me and can give you a look into how Red Hat IT is using Red Hat products.

Meeting the challenge with PaaS: OpenShift in the enterprise – 10:40 with Tom Benninger, Andrew Butcher, and Anderson Silva — Track Details

Red Hat JBoss Middleware in the trenches – 3:40 with Tim Bielawa and Andrew Block* — Track Details *Andrew is in consulting at Red Hat, but since he presenting with my teammate Tim, he gets a shameless plug too. 😀 

Now… let’s talk about what I did all day yesterday.

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