Jacob Borella

I work as a presales Solution Architect in Copenhagen Denmark. My main area is integration, but I also know a lot about cloud native development, JEE, and automation.

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API-first design with OpenAPI and Red Hat Fuse

API-first design with OpenAPI and Red Hat Fuse

API-first design is a commonly used approach where you define the interfaces for your application before providing an actual implementation. This approach gives you a lot of benefits. For example, you can test whether your API has the right structure before investing a lot of time implementing it, and you can share your ideas with other teams early to get valuable feedback. Later in the process, delays in the back-end development will not affect front-end developers dependent on your service so much, because it’s easy to create mock implementations of a service from the API definition.

Much has been written about the benefits of API-first design, so this article will instead focus on how to efficiently take an OpenAPI definition and bring it into code with Red Hat Fuse.

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