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A walk down the Red Hat lane

Excitement and Nervousness are part of one’s life whenever someone is about to live his dream or someone is too happy for something and so was the time when we gathered for the Red Hat Graduate Program at Red Hat Pune office to start the amazing journey as an intern.

It’s been more than a month now, we are so bound with the open culture that if we would still think of a second option after some time it could probably go off the mind because of only one reason and it could be the Open culture here. It is always noted that one common thing in hand always has related dependencies following it, it is the case with freedom, here FREEDOM is backed with RESPONSIBILITIES and thus you need to be a responsible person always if you think of leveraging the fun in freedom.

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Open Source is Everywhere

“OPEN SOURCE”- it’s FREE! This is what comes first to mind when someone asks us about our knowledge of Open Source. It was the case with us until someone told us about what exactly Open Source is and its importance in the present IT sector. Today we definitely stand apart from not only our classmates but also from those who believe that open source is just what you do to pass the time and because it’s OPEN SOURCE.

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Projects from the Open Source World

Red Hat Certified Engineer – what a big name. This certification made us feel confident that we can excel in the field of Open Source irrespective of what we are at present, which is either a student or an employee working in a multinational company. It was the end of our vacation of the third year and the start of another era called the final year. But this era would not be easy as that spent in the last three years, as there will be different obstacles moving forward.

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The Shadow Man on Our campus

Engineering is the platform where after the tenure of a four-year term we look back, feel proud about some of our own decisions, and regret others as well. Such as the following case at our college when first-time industry professionals met with one of the most experienced trainers of Red Hat, at our campus, spreading the word of Open Source.

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