Gary Brown

Gary has worked for Red Hat for over 10 years, in the areas of runtime governance, service activity monitoring and distributed tracing. Prior to that, he was involved in building technologies around the concept of Choreography, as well as being a member of the WS-CDL (Choreography definition language) and OMG BPMN2 choreography working group.

Areas of Expertise

Distributed tracing

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Tracing Kubernetes applications with Jaeger and Eclipse Che

Tracing Kubernetes applications with Jaeger and Eclipse Che

Developing distributed applications is complicated. You can wait to monitor for performance issues once you launch the application on your test or staging servers, or in production if you’re feeling lucky, but why not track performance as you develop? This allows you to identify improvement opportunities before rolling out changes to a test or production environment. This article demonstrates how two tools can work together to integrate performance monitoring into your development environment: Eclipse Che and Jaeger.

According to the Eclipse Che website:

“Che brings your Kubernetes application into your development environment and provides an in-browser IDE, allowing you to code, build, test, and run applications exactly as they run on production from any machine.”

In this article, we show how simple it is to add Jaeger to your Eclipse Che development workspace and observe how your Kubernetes application performs. We will use as the hosting environment, although you could set up a local Che server if you prefer.

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