Frédéric Giloux

I am a computer engineer, working as a senior technical account manager at Red Hat, enthusiastic about technologies and free software.

Areas of Expertise

OpenShift, Kubernetes, Containers, CI/CD, Go, Java

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Controlling resources with cgroups for performance testing

Controlling resources with cgroups for performance testing


Today I want to write about the options available to limit resources in use for running performance tests in a shared environment. A very powerful tool for this is cgroups [1] – a Linux kernel feature that allows limiting the resource usage (CPU, memory, disk I/O, etc..) of a collection of processes.
Nowadays it is easy with virtual machines or container technologies, like Docker, which is using cgroups by the way, to compartmentilize applications and make sure that they are not eating resources that have not been allocated to them. But you may face, as I did, situations where these technologies are not available and if your application happens to run on a Linux distribution like RHEL 6 and later you can directly rely on cgroups for this purpose. 

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