Erick Brito

My name is Erick Brito, I’m a passionate about technology, a team player with more than 15 successful years of experience. I have worked as an architect, programmer, programmer analyst, systems analyst, business analyst, instructor and project manager; in the banking, insurance, telecom, government (e-government) and in application performance management sectors. Focused on the business and with good understanding of the client’s needs; I use the best-known methodologies and successfully integrates technical solutions. Specialties: * DevOps, infrastructure as code (Ansible), SDLC, PaaS, containers, continuous deployment and implementing OpenShift Cluster infrastructure. * Cloud Evangelist, helped to move from traditional infrastructure to the cloud multiple projects, helped the operations team to implement the Cloud Governance and management. Helped the development teams to design the solutions and architecting for the Cloud (High availability, fault tolerant, elastic applications growing on demand). Promotion of Security throw Networking design, Identity access management, use of groups and fine grained policies. Hands on to use of EC2, ECS (Container clusters), Continous deployment with Beanstalk (DevOps), CodeStart, ApiGateway and Lambda. Migration of storage to S3 and Use of Databases (NonSql DynamoDB and RDS). Static websites with S3, DNS route 53 and CDN. Promote of best use and good architecture based on well knowledge of economics of the cloud. * Implementing Agile Methodologies with success.

Areas of Expertise

DevOps, Cloud automation, Cloud PaaS, Security on the Cloud

Recent Posts

Guide to starting to use AWX, the upstream of Red Hat Ansible Tower, on top of OpenShift


This is the first post in a series that shows how to use the new release of the community version of Red Hat Ansible Tower. In this post, we will start with the installation of AWX on top of OpenShift. In the next post, I’ll show how to set a dynamic inventory to access the servers from AWS (EC2) and how to run a playbook to access our AWS EC2 inventory.

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