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Redhatloves.net and #dotNETonLinux

Much has changed in the IT world in the last few years,  first Microsoft Loves Linux and now Red Hat Loves .NET.

I suspect for many of you it is a bit bewildering, however, there are huge wins here for software developers. C# is rapidly becoming the programming language with the greatest number of target platforms, including: iOS, Android, OSX, and now through the partnership with Red Hat (home of the worlds’ most popular enterprise Linux platform) C# is becoming a first class citizen on Linux:

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A Linux Cheat Sheet for Developers

I first started using computers in the mid-80’s.  A DOS-based computer, where – as a programmer – I had to first learn how to type and how to navigate a seemingly arcane series of commands.  There was no mouse back in those days.  Today, as a developer, I spend most of my day on a Windows or Mac OSX-based laptop and use Linux within a virtual machine (VM) inside a hypervisor like VirtualBox or Hyper-V.   

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Enterprise Developer's Journey to the IoT – join us at QCon

Enterprise Developer’s Journey to the IoT presentation will be delivered at QCon San Francisco on Nov 17th 2015.

The IoT presentations and demonstrations have been some of my most popular content throughout 2015.  I have a typical enterprise developer background – mostly working on business-focused applications – leveraging a variety of 4GLs, GUI design tools (e.g. SilverStream, Visual Basic) and Java EE technologies (e.g. JBoss, Tomcat, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, etc.).    I have spent a couple of decades building business applications for ChUI, GUI, web, mobile and now things – connecting the physical world to enterprise software.

My research focus has been on connecting sensors and actuators to enterprise middleware like Apache ActiveMQ (JBoss Fuse A-MQ), Apache Camel and Apache Spark.

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Behind the Internet of Things Middleware Demo at Red Hat Summit

InternetofThings-01This year at Red Hat Summit, I was part of a team whose objective was to create a running, IoT-focused system, at some scale (hundreds of beacons, millions of events), based on a real-world use case to demo live, on stage during the middleware keynote at Red Hat Summit.

Our team chose the area of asset tracking, where important machines, tools or equipment (think mobile ultra-sound machines in hospitals) need to be located on demand and tracked for their usage each day, week, month, year. But, for our demo, instead of machines, we asked Red Hat Summit attendees to participate as our “assets” by wearing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to track their movement throughout the conference.

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