Benjamin Holmes

Benjamin Holmes is a Senior Solution Architect in Red Hat's Technical Presales organisation in the UK. He works predominantly with clients looking to build out enterprise wide Containers-as-a-Service capabilities using Red Hat JBoss Middleware and OpenShift Container Platform. Prior to joining Red Hat, Benjamin spent nearly a decade working for SIs on projects based on Open Source technologies. He's feeling better now.

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Wiping the Slate Clean with the OpenShift Container Platform

Wiping the Slate Clean with the OpenShift Container Platform

With traditional virtualized infrastructure or Infrastructure-as-a-Service, it is common practice to regularly refresh instances back to a known good state. This provides confidence that the application workloads have the correct runtime configuration, no deltas are being introduced, and they can be relied upon to provide value for the business. In these cases, you might use tools such as Ansible or Jenkins, but when we move our application workloads to containers running on OpenShift Container Platform, we can use native tools provided by that platform to achieve the same result.

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