Andrea Tarocchi

Opensource enthusiast since 2000, computer passionate since 8 years old (C64 and LOGO anyone?). After his graduation Andrea won a research grant on Application Integration, he worked in Healthcare industry, mostly solving integration problems with Apache camel, then moved to Red Hat through a number of roles: currently a Senior Software Engineer. Been lucky to work with and contribute to some great opensource project, like Apache Camel and Drools to mention a few.

Areas of Expertise

Java, Apache Camel, Red Hat Fuse, Middleware

Recent Posts

Use Groovy to customize the Maven build process

Use Groovy to customize the Maven build process

Apache Maven is a popular build automation tool used primarily for Java projects (although it can also be used to build and manage projects written in other languages). Maven uses a pom.xml file to centrally manage a project’s build and its dependencies. If you have worked anywhere near to the Java ecosystem chances are that, for the good or for the bad, you have come across the use of this tool.

Maven plugins are used to enhance and customize the Maven build process; while the list of existing plugins is quite extensive, it is common to need to implement some small changes or tweak the build just a bit, which makes writing a whole plugin feel like overkill.

This post describes a possible solution: the GMaven Plus plugin.

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