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Alessandro Silva has been working in the IT industry for more than 15 years. He has a degree in Computing Science with emphasis in Systems Analysis, postgraduate in Information Technologies Applied to Education and Information Security by NCE/UFRJ. He has the RHCA (Cloud) and RHCE (Platform and Cloud), LPIC-3 Core & Security certifications, among others. He currently works at Red Hat as a Cloud Success Architect, in the Customer Experience & Engagement department, where He's responsible to support strategic customers in Latin America. Connect with Alessandro through the Linked-in:

Areas of Expertise

Cloud, openstack, cloudforms, zabbix

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CloudForms: Manage your IT and Hybrid Cloud through a single platform

CloudForms: Manage your IT and Hybrid Cloud through a single platform

Before I start talking about IT and how you can manage, control, and optimize your Hybrid IT infrastructure, I propose that we reflect directly on your living room, where you usually watch TV,  movies, listen to music, play video games, etc. Even if you do not enjoy this type of entertainment, you know that for each of these devices, it is common to use a remote control allowing you to switch between them, manage them, and control all of your favorite programming. While these devices are converging to an all-in-one architecture, they are truly multi-functional. We’ve learned how to handle remote controls at a very young age and it’s the reality we live in. In this case, you are faced with heterogeneous devices and various remote controls, where the number of controls increases as you acquire new devices. It is difficult to have to manage the complexity of a simple task that is to manage your schedule, operating multiple devices, through different controls, with numerous features, and different vendors. Products and vendors bring specific features, use different nomenclature, and provide some features which may or may not be compatible with each other. Going beyond, some of these features made available by vendors, will not even be used throughout the lifetime of these devices, a real waste!

Picture 1 – Managing many devices with many remote controls

Considering this scenario, you might be wondering: What is the relationship of the complexity of having to deal with various entertainment devices and remote controls with your IT infrastructure? And what does this have to do with cloud computing or Hybrid IT?

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