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Interfaces in Java

Interfaces in Java are usually a mechanism for allowing a number of classes to share a number of methods and constants. It is also one of the best mechanisms for achieving Polymorphism in Java.

So if you are the type that is very familiar with Interfaces before the arrival of Java 8, it would make a great deal of sense to also discover some of the cool stuff Interfaces can now do in Java 8. Let’s dive in.

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Code Maintenance

The idea that once our code is working, we are good to go is a very bad idea. An idea that needs to be reevaluated and analyzed. When you buy a car, it works at first, and then it begins to develop faults. Do you have to wait for the car to develop faults before you begin maintaining it? Well, the answer is obvious and the answer is NO.

But why then do we have to do the same thing to our code. Once a piece of code works or passes that test, we close that code and never ever look back. Even the car at Toyota passed the test before it was delivered to the client, but it also has to be maintained. Some people would argue that code maintenance is far more different from maintaining a car, but I would beg to differ. What is maintained in whatever form is better than what is never maintained?

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Core Values of Every Tech Team

As a tech team, the most important value you can ever have is changing the lives of your users. To be able to change the lives of users involves a great deal of effort and sometimes taking some steps you are not sure would work. To be able to do great things as a team, some key values are important. These values are Boldness; Focus on Users and creating things very fast.

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Auto Scaling

The Concept of Auto Scaling and Scaling SAFSMS (SAF School Management Software)

In 2008, I have heard about Cloud Computing and AWS. But frankly, the more I wanted to understand what cloud computing is the more I got confused. I have stumbled upon a number of marketing videos using the hype of Cloud Computing to even confuse me more.

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Collaborating as a Team

One of the major issues facing Software Development Team is Collaboration. As such, a lot of software has been created to help improve collaboration between programmers. However, as some solutions are created, it seems to open doors to other issues. So, with a lot of software at our disposal, programmers begin to get distracted with too many applications for collaboration. The use of email has been efficient but recently a lot of organizations are beginning to avoid it as it has begun creating a new set of issues.

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7 Things to Worry About w/Microservices

So recently, the idea that Monoliths should be discouraged and that Microservices be embraced has taken over the Software Development space. A project made into a single code base is to be taken out and broken into manageable pieces. It is better to work with manageable sub-units than a whole bunch of one big stuff. Well, as the saying goes, small-scale always wins.

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Naming Matters

Everything around us has a name, I mean everything, otherwise, how would we be able to refer to them, particularly in programming. From our project name, directories, variables, and more, a name must be associated with every item or else we lose their meaning and use.

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Why Software Documentation is the Next Big Thing

In programming, documentation is not only about documenting our code, but also the steps, processes, and architecture around how things work. We are most familiar with documentation from the aspect of the code, which is something that should be encouraged. But as developers look for greener pastures and move from one job to another, the idea of documenting every aspect of programming is important so that the effect of the bus factor does not set in for any organization when a programmer decides to leave.

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