Abishek V Ashok

I am 17 year old tech enthusiast from Kerala, India. Full stack developer. Core experience in C, C++ and Java. Google Code-in Winner 2017-18. Interested in AI and ML.

Areas of Expertise

Java, C, RHEL containers, Machine learning

Recent Posts

Testing your Android App’s UI with Espresso

Testing your Android App’s UI with Espresso

Android is one of the most used mobile operating systems in the market with an estimated market share of approximately 84.82%. Millions of apps loom in the Android OS, for various tasks and it’s a shame that only a small percentage of the apps have a well-developed user interface (UI), which is flexible and adaptable to various mobile sizes. For an average user, they want their apps to look good and do well. However, if you are an app developer there will be a monstrous problem for you, Android is open source and it comes in all sorts of mobile phones with all sorts of screen sizes. Android developers have taught of this problem and have introduced a new automated testing framework to test the UI of your app called Espresso.

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Coala, setting it up and auto patching

Coala is a free and open-source language-independent analysis toolkit, written in Python. The primary goal of coala is to make it easier for developers to create rules, which a project’s code should conform to the developer-defined rules. It has support for more than 40+ programming languages and is best for people who want their code to look good and follow good coding practices. It’s been developed at https://github.com/coala/coala

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