New Red Hat Developer Toolset 6 now in beta

Today, Red Hat announced the beta availability of Red Hat Developer Toolset 6.0 Beta. Accessible through the Red Hat Developer Program and related Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions, including the no-cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer subscription, Red Hat Developer Toolset enables developers to compile applications once and deploy across multiple versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Updated components within Red Hat Developer Toolset 6.0 Beta include versions of:

  • the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 6.2.1
  • the GNU Project Debugger (GDB) 7.12
  • updates to binutils (2.27), elfutils (0.167), Valgrind (3.12), Dyninst (9.2.0), strace (4.12), and SystemTap (3.0).

Red Hat Developer Toolset 6.0 Beta is also now accessible across architectures, with support on (in addition to Intel):

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Power
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for z Systems
  • Available for the first time on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server for ARM Developer Preview.

Read the entire press release.


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