Developers are hitting the streets with DOTS

We recently announced a new contributor program and last week we talked about becoming a MVC.  This week we are hitting the street with developers with Developers on the Street (DOTS).  

What is DOTS?

Developers on the Street is a contributor program for folks who attend conferences, meet-up, events, etc.  We realize there are conferences going on nearly every day all around the world and since we don’t have the ability to move that quickly between locations…yet…we can share information with others so you can get the recap and check out top presentations or evaluate whether to attend next year.

What’s involved?

As a contributor to DOTS you can:

  • Share photos, recaps, video (if allowed), highlights from a presentation and overall thoughts on a conference.
  • Share your slide deck if you were a presenter or share the best question and how you answered it (or maybe how you wish you’d answered it).
  • Earn DOTS and MVC swag!
  • Wear your swag at conferences to easily identify other DOTS so you can share info, compare session notes, or just go grab a drink.

The great part about the Red Hat Developers contributor programs is they work together.  Learn more about the ways to contribute and how to become a Red Hat Developer on the Street.

Join the Red Hat Developer Program (it’s free) and get access to related cheat sheets, books, and product downloads.

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