webinar: Hybrid cloud, OpenStack, containers – what are you thinking about in 2015?

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Compass-Rose-BW“Hybrid IT is becoming the “new normal,” and open source use is on the rise in today’s enterprise landscape. Containers are taking on a bigger role, and new, innovative management solutions are becoming a requirement. Join the Red Hat® virtual event to learn about the top technology trends that will affect the way you build and deploy infrastructure and applications in 2015 and beyond.

“As part of this discussion, IDC vice president Mary Johnson Turner will reveal new research on how hybrid clouds and new application architectures will change management across increasingly complex IT environments.

“We’ll discuss how:

  • Enterprises are adopting service provider-style deployment models.
  • Software-based storage is enabling transparent data access and migration across heterogeneous and distributed resource pools.
  • OpenStack® is helping enterprises deliver software-defined resources to users without using expensive, proprietary hardware.
  • DevOps processes are transforming how applications are written and deployed.

“See how you can modernize current infrastructure and prepare for the future in the Red Hat virtual event on January 29, 2015.”


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