Re-post: Microsoft .NET Apps on OpenShift – Wait, what? | OpenShift by Red Hat

“Since we launched our award winning OpenShift Online public Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) service three years ago and OpenShift Enterprise private PaaS in 2012, customers have often asked us, “What about Microsoft .NET apps on OpenShift?” We listened, and are excited to announce that we are collaborating with Uhuru Software to bring Microsoft .NET and SQL Server capabilities to OpenShift, as an open source community-driven effort in OpenShift Origin. OpenShift Origin is the upstream community project that drives innovation for both our OpenShift Online service and OpenShift Enterprise product.”

“Why are we doing this?”  Read more:

Microsoft .NET Apps on OpenShift – Wait, what? | OpenShift by Red Hat.

by Chris Morgan
Technical Director, OpenShift Partner Ecosystem

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