Partner Early Access Program for RHEL 7 Beta

As you probably saw, we announced the availability of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Beta on the 11th of December. Would you like to get more involved in the Beta? Well, we have spun up a special program (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Beta: Partner Early Access Program (hence we normally just call it the “PEAP” 🙂 ) for partners who are interested and excited about working with the Beta and sharing their feedback.

We will be staffing a private forum that will allow developers to talk to each other and us about their experience with the Beta. The program also features a series of exclusive webinars focused on the new aspects of RHEL 7 that are interesting for developers. While the agenda for the webinars is still in a bit of flux, we know we want to cover at least:

  • Containerization (including Docker) on RHEL for development and deployment
  • What new things systemd can help you do in your applications and what might need to change
  • Application portability between RHEL and OpenShift
  • What migration assistance tools Red Hat offers

And, of course, saving the best for last, a few contests and the, obligatory, but, exclusive, t-shirt.

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If you are a partner, and you are interested in participating, you can read more about it here or just let us know you are interested by signing up here.

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