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9 awesome updates in Cryostat 2.1

Cryostat helps manage JFR recordings for your containerized Java workloads. Learn more about Cryostat 2.1's new features and support offerings.


SQL cache stores and more in Data Grid 8.3

Get started with new features in Red Hat Data Grid 8.3, including cross-site replication improvements, two new SQL cache stores, and Helm chart support.


What's new for developers in Java 18

Java 18 highlights include the new simple web server, a better way to annotate Javadocs, and an option to test application behavior without finalize().


Deploy Quarkus everywhere with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

What is Quarkus and how can you use it with Red Hat Enterprise Linux? This detailed introduction gets you started with the Red Hat build of Quarkus on RHEL.


Introducing the Red Hat build of Eclipse Vert.x 4.0

Find out what's new with the Future API and promises in Vert.x 4.0, then get started with distributed tracing and deploying Vert.x on Red Hat OpenShift.


Red Hat build of Node.js 14 brings diagnostic reporting, metering, and more

Find out what's new in the Red Hat Build of Node.js 14, including support for diagnostic reporting, metering, and full ICU internationalization.


Use Oracle's Universal Connection Pool with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7.3 and Oracle RAC

Discover connection pooling, and then learn how to use Oracle's Universal Connection Pool with an Oracle RAC database in a JBoss EAP deployment.


Red Hat Runtimes brings Vert.x and Dekorate to Spring Boot 2.2.6

Learn how Red Hat Runtimes support for Spring Boot 2.2.6 boosts reactive, Spring-based application development on Red Hat OpenShift.