Senior Principal Software Engineer

Erin Schnabel

Erin is a Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, working with Java, Spring, and Quarkus. Her current focus is on application-specific metrics (as one piece of the observability story). She started at IBM as a software engineer in 1999, and spent 7 years as Development Lead for WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile. She is an expert on the behavior of RMI/IIOP (a combination of Java's RMI protocol for exporting and importing Java objects, and the CORBA-specified GIOP/IIOP protocols for well-formatted data streams), and of the OSGi Declarative Services specification. She is also involved in some Open Source projects on the side, the most significant of which is 'Game On!', increasingly badly named throwback text-based adventure game built to get developers thinking differently about cloud native technologies. See more at

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