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What’s this about?

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We want to provide a complete experience to enable enterprise developers to envision, create and maintain high-value enterprise software.

Our Story

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Red Hat has always been synonymous with Open Source and Linux, but over the years we’ve also become known for technologies such as middleware (JBoss), cloud (OpenShift, OpenStack), mobile (FeedHenry), containers (Docker) and more. When used together, these tools provide a portfolio for you to build any enterprise application.

We (the Red Hat Developer Program community) strive to take what is rough and immature, and refine that into something that is useful for building enterprise apps. We love to share that knowledge to the world, and when we combine that with a community of inspirational humans (you), and with the spark of creativity, we shape the future of the world’s technology ecosystem - freely and accessibly.

Join us to learn, code, share, and lead the way - together.

Who should join?

(Red Hat Developer Program is for you)

Join if you’re a developer, software engineer, web designer, front end designer, UX designer, computer scientist, architect, tester, product manager, project manager or team lead. (Not one of these? Want to be? Close enough? Then you’re welcome, too.)Register Now

Built on open source

Differentiatingly different.

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Being an open source company, we can do things that other developer programs don’t (or can’t or won’t):
  • We give away ALL of our code. Have at it.
  • It’s all about the community. That means you.
  • We’re global and always online. Well, we do take turns.
  • We’ll improve code together. We will code side-by-side with you.
  • Our process is completely open and transparent: you can see the engineer working on YOUR issue, communicate with them, follow the code branch closely, test and provide feedback.

Living the Dream

(also known as the fun part)

You aspire to deliver high-value software on-time and on-budget, but technology is always changing and evolving. We're here to help you stay current and hone the skills you use to achieve your goals.

Learn More

Learn More

No need to learn from scratch, but benefit from the experts - get the most in-depth technical content about our tool portfolio. (You’ll need to register, but it’s easy.)

Code More

Code More

Be more productive and more quickly with accelerated guides, plus get free access to the developer tools you need. (You’ll still need to register, really easy.)

Share More

Share More

As a bit of incentive, we’ll give you swag when you share your sample code, presentations, blogs, videos, etc. Join Red Hat Developer Program content contributor. (Today?)

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Our Team

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We're a talented group (humble, too) of developers, architects, designers, testers, product managers, project managers, and team leads, who are passionate about creating new things and making everyone's lives better through technology.

  • Adela Arreola

    Adela Arreola

    Software Engineer

  • Andrea Carmona

    Andrea Carmona

    Project Coordinator - Technical

  • Axel Kandel

    Axel Kandel

    Web Analytics

  • Burr Sutter

    Burr Sutter

    Chief Evangelist

  • Catherine Robson

    Catherine Robson

    Manager, User Experience Design

  • Dan Coughlin

    Dan Coughlin

    Software Engineer

  • Don Schenck

    Don Schenck

    Director of Developer Experience

  • David Hladky

    David Hladky

    Software Engineer

  • Edson Yanaga

    Edson Yanaga

    Director of Developer Experience

  • Emily Curley

    Emily Curley

    Senior Product Marketing Manager

  • Harry Mower

    Harry Mower

    Head of Developer Experience

  • Heinz Windzio

    Heinz Windzio

    Principal Product Manager - Developer Experience

  • Ian Hamilton

    Ian Hamilton

    Software Engineer

  • James Cobb

    James Cobb

    Web Design Manager

  • Jason Brock

    Jason Brock

    Visual Designer

  • Jason Porter

    Jason Porter

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Jessica Krokowski

    Jessica Krokowski

    Sr. Product Marketing Manager

  • Libor Krzyžanek

    Libor Krzyžanek

    Principal Software Engineer

  • Luke Dary

    Luke Dary

    Web Development Engineer

  • Mark Newton

    Mark Newton

    Engineering Manager

  • Mike Guerette

    Mike Guerette

    Developer Relations

  • Paul Robinson

    Paul Robinson

    Manager, Web Development

  • Rafael Benevides

    Rafael Benevides

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Rob Blake

    Rob Blake

    Software Engineer

  • Ryszard Kozmik

    Ryszard Kozmik

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Tiffany Nolann

    Tiffany Nolann

    Interaction Designer

  • Todd Mancini

    Todd Mancini

    Senior Principal Product Manager

  • Vlastimil Elias

    Vlastimil Elias

    Principal Software Engineer

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