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Jul 23, 2024

How to get Red Hat OpenShift operators' information without oc-mirror plug-in

Eric Beaudoin

Learn how to create an OpenShift operator oc-mirror's ISC configuration file...

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Jul 22, 2024

5 myths about platform engineering, debunked

Markus Eisele

This article dispels common myths about platform engineering to help...

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Jul 22, 2024

​​Try OpenShift AI and integrate with Apache Camel

Bruno Meseguer

This article explains how to use Red Hat OpenShift AI in the Developer...

LLM Node.js learning path feature image
Jul 22, 2024

A quick look at large language models with Node.js, Podman desktop, and the...

Michael Dawson

Explore large language models (LLMs) by trying out the Granite model on...

Red Hat Learning

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Learning Path

Foundations of OpenShift

Learn the foundations of OpenShift through hands-on experience deploying and...
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Learning Path

Develop containers using Podman Desktop and Kubernetes

Podman Desktop is a lightweight and efficient tool for managing containers...
JBoss_EAP8_learning path feature_image
Learning Path

Develop modern Java applications with JBoss EAP 8

Learn how to develop modern Java applications using JBoss EAP 8 and deploy...
YAML AnsibleAP featured image
Learning Path

YAML essentials for Ansible

Learn the basics of YAML, a simple yet powerful data serialization language,...

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Developer Portals share image

Developer Portals: Prepare to Perform with Red Hat Developer Hub

Hans-Peter Grahsl +2
Podman in action e-book share image

Podman in Action

Daniel Walsh
Kubernetes Native Microservices e-book tile card

Kubernetes Native Microservices with Quarkus and MicroProfile

John Clingan +1
Automation at the edge

Automation at the edge

Red Hat

Cheat sheets

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Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

Burr Sutter +1
Convert CentOS Linux to RHEL share and feature image

Convert CentOS Linux to RHEL

Nagesh Rathod
Podeman cheat sheet

Podman Cheat Sheet

Bob Reselman
systemd Commands cheat sheet card image

systemd Commands Cheat Sheet

Bob Reselman


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Jun 12, 2024

Getting started with InstructLab for generative AI model tuning

Cedric Clyburn

Learn how to fine-tune large language models with specific skills and...

Virtualization share image
May 23, 2024

OpenShift Virtualization for VMware vSphere admins: Disaster and site recovery

Alan Cowles

Learn how to protect your virtual machine workloads using OpenShift...

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May 06, 2024

What is platform engineering and why do we need it?

Markus Eisele

Discover the power of platform engineering and developer portals, which...

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May 02, 2024

Model training in Red Hat OpenShift AI

Diego Alvarez Ponce +1

Learn how to configure Red Hat OpenShift AI to train a YOLO model using an...